First skydiving experience

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First parachute jump

Your first parachute jump is special. You get acquainted with new sensations, experience the pleasure of conquering air currents, and even worry a little. And best of all, when acquaintance with the sky occurs in a special setting, so that the jump becomes safer and unforgettable.

In DZ “5 Ocean” everything is created so that your first experience with skydiving brings you new, enchanting impressions for life. And we invite you to get acquainted with parachuting, starting with the jump-tandem – the safest way to start flying. Such a jump is performed under one parachute – wing with an experienced instructor, with which free fall will be more stable, the opening of the parachute will be safer, and the landing will be soft.

You just need to come to the airfield “5 Ocean” and, having passed the instruction, almost half an hour after your arrival, you will already be ready to make your first jump in life. You see for yourself that jumping with us is not scary – we have a lot of experience in parachuting and great equipment.

You will jump from a height of 4000 meters, and for about one minute you will experience all the joys of free fall. During this time, you will get used to the height and even have time to look around, and after opening the parachute you will try to operate it yourself.

Agree, in tandem with an instructor, jumping for the first time will not be scary at all, and you should definitely try it! Especially since after the jump you will receive a “Diploma of this parachutist”.

And it’s not for nothing that we say that the first jump will be unforgettable – we will make an excellent video about your flight, thanks to which you will never forget about your first experience in parachuting.


Limited number of seats! Hurry up to book a jump!

Delivery of certificates in Kiev and Ukraine – FREE !!!


Стоимость прыжка с парашютом

Tandem Jump

The safest jump with professional instructor

140 $

Jump height from 4000 meters

Free fall 50 seconds

Weight jumping from 0 to 91 kg.

Safe landing

Tandem Jump

Вес пассажира от 91 кг до 110 кг

150 $

Jump height from 4000 meters

Free fall 50 seconds

Weight jumping from 91 to 110 kg.

Safe landing

Camera Shooting LUX

Video and photo by personal operator + GoPro on hand

65 $

Photographing on the SLR camera.

Video recording with a GoPro camera by an operator

Video shooting on the GoPro camera from the instructor’s hand

Jump video editing


Personal video shooting

Video and photo by personal operator

60 $

Photographing on the SLR camera.

Video recording with a GoPro camera by an operator

Jump video editing


Video shooting by tandem instructor

Gopro on hand

20 $

GoPro camera is installed on the instructor’s hand.


Is it scary to jump?

After the first parachute jump, they usually speak not about fear, but about enthusiasm, vivid emotions and unforgettable impressions. Modern parachutes and techniques allow you to get maximum pleasure from jumping without any fear.

What is a tandem jump?

A “tandem jump” with an instructor is usually carried out from a height of 4000 m. A “wing” parachute is used. The time of free fall before the opening of the main parachute is about one minute. The parachute is opened by an instructor who is responsible for an accurate and gentle landing.

Are there any restrictions for parachuting?

Do not jump with a parachute in diseases of the spine, heart or central nervous system. You can not jump with a parachute to children under 8 years old.There is also a weight limit – jumps are possible with a weight of no more than 130 kg. It is strictly forbidden to use alcohol before jumping.


Are skydiving safe?

The tandem jump is performed with an experienced licensed instructor with extensive experience, and the reliability of modern parachutes allows you to be confident in the safety of the jump. The instructor controls everything that happens in free fall and under the dome. Landing takes place directly on the instructor’s feet.Modern parachutes (including tandem systems) are equipped with a spare parachute. And the electronic safety device will automatically open the reserve parachute at a safe height if for any reason the main parachute was not opened on time.


In what weather can you jump with a parachute?

Parachute jumps are carried out during the weather without precipitation, the absence of strong wind and low clouds. The decision to conduct the jump takes leadership of the airfield.


How experienced are instructors?

All our instructors have the necessary certificates and more than a thousand jumps behind them.


What is needed to jump with a parachute?

You need to clarify the date and time of jumps by +38(096)010-1919 or, then come to the airfield, fill out a questionnaire and application, visit our doctor, go through a little briefing and you can jump!


How to start training with skydiving?

You need to come to the airport, fill out the documents, make the payment and you can start training.


How long is the training?

The AFF course consists of 7 levels (7 jumps). You can do about 3 jumps per day. Theoretical training takes a day. Thus, in 4-5 days you can complete the course “Become a parachutist” AFF


Are there any restrictions on health education?

All parachutists for the passage of the Medical Flight Commission (WFC) must comply with column VI of the schedule of diseases MO.


What systems are allowed to jump?

Any systems that have passed MOT and are completely ready to jump. Be sure to have insurance device. Each system is checked by senior handlers for compliance with safety standards and system documents.