I weigh a little, can I jump with a parachute?

I weigh a little, can I jump with a parachute?

We often hear from people who weigh up to 50 kg, especially from the fair sex – “I want to jump with a parachute, but I weigh too little for that.” Let’s see if you can jump with a small weight with a parachute, where did such rumors come from and whether you should trust them. Looking ahead, we note right away – it is possible and necessary!

Modern parachute systems

A modern parachute is a high-tech equipment, which uses the latest scientific developments and materials. Rumors that there is a minimum limit on the weight of the parachutist have gone since those times when landing parachutes that were outdated to date were used. Modern parachute systems are selected according to the weight of the parachutist, while the physique of the parachutist does not matter. The area of ​​the modern parachute of the “wing” type is calculated using a special formula that depends on the weight and experience of the parachutist. If the parachutist weighs less, then the parachute will be smaller in area.

To manage a modern wing-type parachute, certain skills are needed. To get access to independent jumps with such a parachute, you must complete an AFF training course, at the end of which you will be able to make independent parachute jumps from a height of 4,000 meters and a free fall minute.

The safest and most comfortable solution for the first parachute jump is a tandem jump with an instructor. When jumping with an instructor in tandem, the entire process is controlled by an experienced instructor, who has thousands of jumps in the background. This allows you to make a safe acquaintance with the sky, to get incomparable impressions, while only the maximum weight of a parachutist, which is as much as 130 kg, matters.

Where did the rumors about weight restrictions for skydiving come from ?!

This is not a rumor at all. Parachutes are different, and indeed with some of them you can not jump at low weight. Amphibious parachutes were developed as early as the 60s in the USSR and are intended for landing troops. Until recently, such parachutes were used to perform independent parachute jumps at various airfields throughout Ukraine, and some are still used up to now. Such parachute systems are popularly called “Oaks” (D-1, D1-5Y, D-6). These parachutes have a minimum and maximum limit on the weight of the parachutist. The minimum is 50 kg. Maximum – 100 kg. Landing with such a parachute is quite tough, it requires physical training, the right shoes with leg fixation. Moreover, such parachute systems are practically uncontrollable, which represents another danger where the wind will blow there and have to fly. For dropping parachutists with such domes they use large-scale landing sites. And as a rule, the height for the first jump with such a parachute is 800 meters, the parachute opens immediately and there is no free fall.

I hope we helped you figure out whether you can jump with a parachute while having a small weight. And the answer is – Yes, of course you can. If this is your dream, nothing should interfere with its implementation.

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